CBD 101






How the CBD Industry
is regulated.

CBD is the acronym for cannabidiol and is one of the most well-known chemical compounds found inside the cannabis plant aside from THC. Unlike THC however, cannabidiol does not produce the psychoactive effect that has become commonly associated with marijuana nor many of the other symptoms.


In other words, they are both cannabinoids, but one is distinctly separate from THC meaning that they are different substances. Because of its non-psychoactive effects and great potential healing properties, cannabidiol holds an exceptionally high medicinal value that will be paramount in how we treat medical conditions moving forward. It has unique traits that make it stand out as an excellent treatment for a variety of conditions, symptoms, and diseases

What is the right dosage for me?

The milligrams on the product you buy is the total amount in the bottle, not per serving. One bottle on average provides a 30-day supply of CBD Oil if taken once daily.


So the question is, "what strength should I take?"


The good news is you can't take too much as your body will naturally flush our excess. That being said, the idea is to provide you with the best value for the dosage you need. 

If you are an adult dealing with inflammation, anxiety, or sleep, we suggest starting out with our 1200 product and work your way back. So if you begin experiencing positive results,  begin backing down your dosage a little each week and see if the level of results remain the same. If they do, keep dialing it back until you notice it not working as well. That will tell you which dosage is ideal for your specific needs. 

You may need to take more than one serving a day depending on the severity of your issues. In any case, once you know, you can then buy the product that is best for you.