from a dream to reality...       


Chuck Powers and Joe Stout are both lifelong entrepreneurs who met by chance on a flight between Tampa and New York. A lasting friendship was formed at 30,000 feet and soon after, Chuck hired Joe to provide video production for his liquid nutrition company.

They soon realized that they both possessed unique skill sets and experience that complimented each other’s. More importantly, they shared an identical view of how business gets done, and the value of integrity, family, and working for the win/win. Brothers from different mothers.

Over time, they recognized that the uniqueness of their backgrounds could be the foundation of a new business that took advantage of the many synergies in play. Chuck, with decades of liquid nutrition experience and owning a manufacturing facility with no debt and the capacity to produce massive amounts of product without a sweat. Joe with a diverse background in retail, training, writing, and video production.

After nearly a year, C.B. Datsby was born to take advantage of their skills, their ambitions, a growing industry, and a desire to build something important together.

As a company, C.B. Datsby’s first focus is providing consumers with a product they can trust at a competitive price. A product that we know can naturally improve the lives of people with a variety of health issues that's safe and effective.

We are the most trusted name in hemp products for all the right reasons.